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There are two options on this page. One is to subscribe to the online newsletter, the other is to cancel the mailed newsletter (if you are a member and receiving a printed version by mail.) If you are a member and do both: subscribe to the online version and cancel the mailed version, you will save the club about $10.00 per year; if all members cancel the mailed version, the club will save enough money to pay for the Youth Fly Fishing Academy! You will also save all the trees and related polution involved in producing paper printed copies of the newsletter.

PLEASE NOTE: These are two separate forms. If you want to do both, you must do them one at a time and submit them separately

Subscribe to Online Newsletter
If you wish to receive a monthly e-mail with a link for the Santa Barbara Flyfishers Online Monthly Newsletter please enter your e-mail address below and click the Subscribe button:

Yes, I want to receive the monthly e-mailing. (NOTE: You must be 13 years or older or have your parents sign up for you)
Note: You will receive a confirmation request e-mail after clicking the Subscribe button. In order to complete the subscription you must respond by clicking the conformation link in that e-mail or copying and pasting it in a browser address space. This is a security measure to protect your privacy by preventing someone else from entering your address into the list and to stop robot form fillers.

If you want to unsubcribe from just click the link at the bottom of any e-mail you receive.

Remove from printed mailing.

If you are a club member now receiving the online newsletter and receiving the newsletter as a printed mailing, you may continue to receive it both ways but, if you would prefer to not receive the regular mail version, you can have your name removed from that list. Doing so will save the Club money in printing costs and postage.

Check the box, fill out the form and click the "Remove from printed mailing" button:
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Yes, please remove my name from the printed mailing and save the club money. *

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If you use aol's spam filter you will not be able to receive the confirmation e-mail for subscribing and you will not be subscribed. The aol filter will also reject the newsletter. If you have an e-mail address with an ISP or a free address at Yahoo or other free e-mail please use that instead of your aol address.

Many ISPs have spam filters that can be configured to block e-mail that is not from senders in your address book. If you select this type of filtering or use other types of anti-spam software, you must set up your filter to ALLOW any e-mail that contains "sbflyfishers" in the "From" field. Contact your ISP or software provider to find out how to configure your filter.