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Jan 20th, 2019, 1:29pm
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Foam (Read 1674 times)
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Feb 25th, 2013, 8:46am
I never have had enough finger coordination (and maybe patience) to tie my own flies. So over the years I have purchased numerous levels of quality from internet shops.  
During that time I have learned that I prefer feather and thread flies versus foam flies, specifically terrestrials. I fish a lot of hoppers in the Fall. I do not care for foam bodies. I have wondered if other feather flingers feel the same way or is just another one of my quircks.
I have tried reasoning and failed to come up with a valid excuse. I have rationilizations, but that's it. Foam doesn't feel like it sits the water naturally. It's not traditional. It seems like cheating to fling something that has no possibility to fail (sink).
Sitting on the water naturally shouldn't be a concern since some of my casts seem like an unnatural act.
As far as tradition goes I don't use bamboo so I'm using modern (new) materials. This includes lines and leaders.
Cheating is relative since I am trying to fool fish not the IRS.
Or am I off base?
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Re: Foam
Reply #1 - Mar 1st, 2013, 7:10am
After pondering a reply to you for while....you need to go fishing....use the setup that makes you feel good.  
  Fly fishing is about fooling a fish(makes you feel good) with an artificial imitation that most likely will be spit out since once taken will be sensed as not food(such not the case with bait on a hook ).  Tying your own flies and getting a further feel for the game that is going on the end of your line. If you don't tie and just buy at least understand(learn) the materials that make the fly and the philosophy behind  the mechanics of the pattern.  
"if the fish are eating brown bugs then use a brown fly"   Lefty Kreh
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