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Jan 16th, 2019, 5:12pm
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Big and BIGGER, fish at the Kern (Read 6836 times)
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Big and BIGGER, fish at the Kern
May 8th, 2012, 4:28pm
Fishing monday was a real treat! Not only the river but the lake too.  
First the river. Thre were a lot of 13" to 15" fish:


and a lot of big fish, hooked 4 in a row like this one:

and, there were also some of our strong fighting native fish:

let me add this, here's the hot fly of the day (size 20) for big fish:

The trout day ended with this release, check out the fins and tail:

but that was only the trout fishing, there was also the carp
The Lake Isabella carp bite is on BIG time!
The flats areas are literally crawling with carp. There are all sizes; some have tails big as your head and they are showing them!
Here's guy with one:

Here is me trying to fit one in my net.

The are so many carp cruising that they are crashing into your legs as you wade on the flats! I hooked a big one that instantly come up out of the water and thrashed with a thunder splash. This provoked a stampede that almost knocked me over. One fish jumped as it approached and hit me in the shoulder; good thing it was one of the small ones!
If you like catching big, challenging fish; carp is the quarry and now is the time!
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