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Feb 21st, 2019, 11:57pm
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Visit from Denmark (Read 1766 times)
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Visit from Denmark
May 19th, 2010, 2:38pm
Hi all!
I'm from Denmark and due to my work I will be staying in Isla Vista (UCSB) from 25th of May to around the 5th of July. I will have a couple of days off here and there, where of course I want to flyfish the local waters. So my question is:  
What kind of flyfishing opportunities is there in/around the Santa Barbara area? Streams, lakes, coastal? Is there any fishing in Isla Vista that I can walk to?  
What rods to bring? I was thinking of bringing a 8' #4, 9' #6 and 9' #8...?  
What lines and flies do you use?  
And is there anyone from the Santa Barbara area that may want to take a Dane fishing??  Cool  
A little about me... Name's Martin, I'm 31 and been flyfishing the last 8 years. I work as a Handicap Assistant, and the guy I'm assisting is going to study a few weeks at UCSB. I flyfish for just about any fish that can swim. In Denmark I fish mostly for brown trout, stocked rainbows, pike and the coast for searun brown trout, where wind, long casts and shooting heads is the name of the game...  
Hope someone can help  Smiley
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Re: Visit from Denmark
Reply #1 - May 19th, 2010, 7:08pm
Hey Martin    Santa Barbara is a funny place with a diverse fly fishing crowd. Some travel to Rockies and drive to the Sierra and Northern California for most of their fishing.  The world record fly rod caught large mouth bass was caught just an hour away.We normally have trout to catch just over the mountians but they are a planted stock which is under going an environmental review right now and there is no stocking this year.  Our local mountin streams are closed to fihing becuase of the southern stellhead being an endangered listed fish
  I personally fly fish a lot in the local saltwater which by the sound of your skill level will be no problem. I think surf fishing is your best bet.  There are some really nice beaches just up coast of Isla Vista(called Sands beach) that will have some fish left from the spring run of surf perch. In addtion you can get frustrated sight casting to the corbina in the "skinny water". Goleta beach just down coast of UCSB is good also. If you can throw a shooting head you can fish the surf! It's what is used mostly
There is a rural lake Los Carneros  about a mile away which has some small bass and bluegill to fiddle with if you like that sort of thing.    
All the rods you mentioned will be of use to you here. Lines to have are sinktip heads, floater for lighter rods, and intermediate if we get some halibut coming in. But the sink tip shooting head of around 300 grains  
There is a fly shop(The Artful Angler) 10 miles south in Carpinteria( more good surf fishing) so you can buy gear and flies for the surf .    Also check out Gary Bullla's web page. You can get an idea of the type of flies and some idea of the type of surf and beach to expect.
 Anyhow hope this gets you started off in the right direction and maybe we can get you together with some one to take you fishing next week and over our holiday weekend(memorial day) during your stay
Lew Riffle
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Re: Visit from Denmark
Reply #2 - May 20th, 2010, 10:16am
Ditto what Lew said.
The surf fishing right around the University should be good. I would add, if you like carp fishing, the Santa Ynez River holds a lot of big carp. You would have to drive there but it's not far.
As I said in the email reply, be sure and come to the June meeting. I have an office in Goleta not far from the University if you need a ride.
Here's the link to Gary Bulla's site that Lew mentioned:
Also visit the fly shop in Carpinteria when you get a chance. You can get specific flies for this area and the surf fishing around the fly shop is very good.
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Joe M
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