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Feb 22nd, 2019, 12:26am
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Over 100 Volunteers Needed! (Read 6554 times)
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Over 100 Volunteers Needed!
Aug 18th, 2008, 11:38am
** Signup deadline is Tuesday night, 08/19/08 **
CSPA and Trout Unlimited to assist DFG with fish rescue at Caples Lake: Over 100 Volunteers Needed! YOU can help!
by Chris Shutes, CSPA FERC Projects Director
August 15, 2008. -- For four days, August 26-29, 2008, the California Department of Fish and Game will be conducting a fish rescue at Caples Lake, Alpine County, just east of Kirkwood on Highway 88. El Dorado Irrigation District (EID), which operates the Caples Lake hydroelectric project, will pay DFG to perform the fish rescue. The fish will be captured by net and electrofishing, and then moved via truck to Silver Lake, located 7 miles away.
EID needs to draw Caples Lake down to repair the outlet works that are located inside of the dam. The work, which includes replacing damaged concrete, replacing slide gates, and replacing the rods that connect the gates to a wheel that operates them on top of the dam, must be done in the dry. EID will draw down the lake, and install a bladder dam to keep as much water in the lake as possible. Unfortunately, the amount of water that will remain in the reservoir is not believed to be enough to sustain fish in the lake over the winter.
DFG plans to have as many as 35 staff on site for the rescue effort but will need as many as 100 volunteers to make the operation successful. The rescue will be run by as a command-type operation. DFG will try to pair volunteers’ skills with assigned tasks, but bottom line is that volunteers, if capable, will be required to do what DFG asks. DFG is developing an extensive operation and plan, but on-the-ground reality may require spur of the moment changes. The operation must adapt to what works and what doesn’t.
Preference will be given to volunteers who are willing to work all night. Preference will also be given to volunteers who have commercial fishing experience handling fish in nets, or who have experience electrofishing.
DFG has appointed a staff liaison to coordinate with CSPA and Trout Unlimited who have been given the task of gathering and coordinating volunteers. Volunteers do not need to be members of CSPA or Trout Unlimited.
The fish transfer is estimated to take 72 hours and will begin the morning of August 26th. The work will be conducted in 8 hour shifts, with the exception of the electrofishing shifts which will be 12 hours and will operate through the three nights. Approximately 10 to 20 volunteers will be necessary per shift (fewer for all night shifts). Tasks include moving fish from pens to trucks, counting fish and recording data, and providing general support. On Friday, August 29, volunteers will be needed move the last of the fish and clear the work areas. To provide efficient and continuous assistance to DFG, volunteers are asked to work complete shifts, and to leave the immediate area when their shift ends.
Volunteers will have to provide all their own personal needs including their own food, warm clothing, rain gear or waders, a PFD, and lodging. CSPA and TU are trying to coordinate campsites nearby for those who will be staying over.
If you’ve never worked, “In the trenches” with the field staff this is an opportunity of a lifetime. You may even get to hold a 30 pound brown trout in your hands. If you wish to volunteer, please fill out the on-line application at:
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