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Dec 12th, 2018, 2:14am
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Another Day at the Sand Spit (Read 1037 times)
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Another Day at the Sand Spit
Feb 17th, 2008, 7:32pm
Fisher Persons,
It was a cold and windy day at the Sand Spit but the fly fishers were out.  Fishing with our group were Lew, Tyler, Johnny, and Lingcod. We fished at the end of the sand spit, in front of the dredge.  We did not catch as many perch today as on Saturday.  There seemed to be a better bite from the shiners than anything else that was in the water.  (For me at least.  I will let the others fill you in, of fill you up).
There were two other fly fishers fishing the sand spit today.  There was a gentleman leaving as we arrived with a Spey Rod.  He states that he comes down to practice his casting so he can be ready for the big steelhead rivers.  Several bait casters fished through the area while we were there as well.
This was Tyler's second day in the surf.  Once he learned how to let the shooting head, shoot the line, he relaxed into 60 foot casts.  The wind made everything much more difficult for all of us.
This was a great weekend to be out with friends fishing the surf.  The days are getting longer and I'm looking forward to more adventures out on the water.
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"The longer your cast the longer your line is in the water fishing". Lew Riffle
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