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Dec 18th, 2018, 4:56am
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Love in the Air in Z-What (Read 840 times)
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Love in the Air in Z-What
Oct 30th, 2004, 11:09am
IN GENERAL:  What’s that song, “Seems Like Old Times?”  Roosters, sails, tuna, great weather and love in the air.  Nate and Carmen Gills on their honeymoon from North Carolina caught six roosters on poppers yesterday (10/29).  Wait until they tell their grandchildren that one in about 40 years.
Other than that remarkable achievement by Nate and Carmen, things were pretty much business as usual.  The 82º blue water remains close, 20- to 25-pound dorado are being frisky and the boats are averaging somewhere around 2.5 sailfish a day.  Top it off with a smattering of yellowfin tuna and it all spells Zihuatanejo (which sometimes isn’t easy to spell.)
Oh, almost forgot, sierra mackerel (aka as ceviche on the hoof) are in great schools and as close to a sure thing as there is when saltwater fly fishing.  Wire tippet?  You bet!
Water Temperature 80-83  
Air Temperature 80-84  
Humidity 89%  
Wind Calm
Conditions: Scattered Clouds 25,000 ft  
Visibility 10 miles  
Sunrise 7:44 a.m. CDT  
Sunset 7:14 p.m. CDT  
Nov. 4, Last Quarter; Nov. 12, New, Nov. 18, First Quarter; Nov. 26, Full.
Baja on the Fly's Zihuatanejo report by Ed Kunze  
Weather has been great, very calm and still hot!  We're back to double digit releases which are usually the norm.  A couple of boats went out this week averaging 18-20 sailfish releases, with at least twice as many raised.  These great numbers were during the full moon.  Blue water is about 30-32 miles offshore.  We had one boat go inshore for a day, our one and only "Chispudo," they caught one big rooster and some other inshore varieties.  Fishing is rapidly approaching the peak months of Dec., Jan. and Feb., but if it keeps up this way we’ll have to add Nov. to that hot time-frame.  We still have some availability between now and mid-Dec. if anyone wants to take a last minute trip.
Water Temperature 78-82  
Air Temperature 80-84  
Humidity 94 %  
Wind SW 6 mph
Conditions:  T-storms
Visibility 7 miles  
Sunrise 5:57 a.m. CST  
Sunset 5:36 p.m. CST
Nov. 4, Last Quarter; Nov. 12, New, Nov. 18, First Quarter; Nov. 26, Full.
San Jose, Guatemala report by Brian Baragy and Lissa McFarland  
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