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Oct 23rd, 2018, 4:38am
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Sylvester Nemes Dies (Read 1099 times)
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Sylvester Nemes Dies
Feb 9th, 2011, 6:55am
One of our most memorable speakers in the first years of the club.  We would host the speaker in one of our members homes and in this case it was at the Clevengers up onthe Mesa.  Weather was beautiful winter sunshine like we have had this year.  Slyvester flew into Santa Barbara to start his speaker tour from a very wintered in Montana.  He went for a walk down the hill towards Shoreline Park and the Harbor.  Either he got lost or just enthralled our beautiful place but he sorta went missing and barely made it for dinner and the meeting.  
His pragmatic perspective on fly fishing hit home with me. He had a sense of  humble confidence that exeuded a quiet delight.  He certainly left something for his living for fly fishers to  follow for years to come.                            LEW
Sylvester Nemes Dies
By Marshall Cutchin on February 9, 2011 7:10 AM | Permalink  
Sylvester Nemes, champion of the wet fly and author of the classic The Soft-Hackled Fly and Tiny Soft Hackles: A Trout Fisherman's Guide (updated and revised in 2006), died on February 3, the Bozeman Chronicle reported yesterday. As we noted two years ago in our review of The Soft-Hackled Fly, Nemes "helped create a resurgence in what many fly fishers had dismissed as an arcane method of tying and presenting flies. Prior to this book, soft-hackles had lost favor to the more 'scientific' imitations of dry flies and nymphs. Now few trout shops don't offer at least a few 'spiders,' 'wingless wets' or 'soft-hackle emergers.'"
"Nemes, predictably, [was] a purist. (He once responded to someone who asked 'Do you ever tie your flies as beadheads?' with 'Why don't you just get a spinning rod?') But he demonstrates that all the careful attention to color, materials, and tying techniques that are so important to dry flies and nymphs matter just as much in what looks to be the very simple construction of soft hackles. Soft-hackles, you might say, are only as simple as you want them to be."
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