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Oct 23rd, 2018, 4:28am
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Eastern Sierras Light (Read 1123 times)
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Eastern Sierras Light
Oct 12th, 2009, 12:43pm
Went up to the Bishop area last weekend to camp and get a little fishing and hiking in. Camped at the Pleasant Valley Dam campground on the Lower Owens. I drove to Hot Creek and was amazed at the views in this area and the hot spring itself was awesome. I fished there for about a half day and landed about 6 fish, all rainbows, one of which is shown below. He was roughly 16-18" give or take.
Sorry about the quality, it was taken with my phone and it seems that I moved before the image was completely captured as my rod and the fish seem slightly disjointed. You can see the guy below all in one piece and returned to his home.

I found hot creek slightly odd. Not so much the area as the anglers that inhabit it. It seems that people like to stake out a spot and not move or change tactics the entire day with little to show for it. I watched multiple anglers cast the sam fly to the same spot with the same mend on the order of hundreds of times. Do not get me wrong I know that our hobby isnt all about catching fish but I enjoy the challenge of trying to catch fish, I know I sound like a snob.  Or maybe I have A.D.D and wanted the entire stream to myself. I digress. The rig I was most successful with was a sz 16 BH PT nymph with a sz 20 v-rib midge and all takes were on the dropper. I also used a x-caddis 18 and a BWO 18 both with minimal success.  
That night I fished the Lower Owens just down from the footbridge using a number of different techniques (nymphs, dries, streamers) but was unsuccessful and was punished for my efforts by way of ~45 mosquito bites. Forgot the repellent. Also it seems that the water was pretty high making good drifts a little tough for such a small stream.   I returned the next mornig for a short jaunt but was skunked again.  
All said this trip was great, I had never been to this area and cannot wait to get back and expolre the other waters in the area and give the lower o another shot with more time.
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Re: Eastern Sierras Light
Reply #1 - Oct 16th, 2009, 8:11pm
I was in that area in August. Didn't have time to fish Hot Creek but did fish Bishop Creek and Lower Owens below the camp ground. Actually, way below; around the second access area. Both Bishop Creek and the Lower Owens, which was running high at that time too, fished very well on dries.
I have seen people fishing weird on many waters, after all this is California  Grin
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