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Oct 23rd, 2018, 3:19pm
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Attack on Striped Bass Regulations (Read 1322 times)
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Attack on Striped Bass Regulations
Apr 20th, 2009, 7:13am
I am forwarding this to the Club Forum.  I have written a letter but not on the club's behalf.  This is really stupid legislation that is getting quite a response from bay area anglers.  In short it is an attempt to make the striped bass an invasive species after it has been here for over a century trying to make it a causitive factor in the decline of native species in the Delta.  There is no scientific evidence to support this nor do the major researchers in this field support such a notion. But they still allude to it as a possibility which to some is taken as fact thus this effort of AB 1253 with proposals and responses blown way out of proportion in my opinion. If you feel that taking the regulations off the stripers will kill the fishery(which it will because of the hungry hoards who love its flesh) then I urge you to write. Forgive my attitude but this is a ludicrous and stupid chapter in very sorry times for the Delta.......we are not at our best here anywhere, this  is pure evil with all its consequence.     LEW
Please go to this site and read about AB1253. If you agree with saving the striped bass, click on the link at "signing" and enter the information of your club. If in doubt, ask your Board of Directors. This is an important issue for all anglers in the state and the Northern CA Council is asking us for our support.
Michael Schweit
VP, SouthWest Council, Federation of Fly Fishers
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Re: Attack on Striped Bass Regulations
Reply #1 - Apr 20th, 2009, 3:37pm
Thanks, Lew,
I thought I had posted this already and I just realized I posted it only in the Kern River forum.  Roll Eyes
The jerk that introduced the bill, Assemblywoman Jean Fuller, is from Bakersfield.
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Joe M
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