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Oct 18th, 2018, 5:06am
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Crappie eating fly's at Margarita! (Read 957 times)
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Crappie eating fly's at Margarita!
May 1st, 2007, 7:05pm
 Sunday, and Monday I found myself wandering the muddy shores at the marina, of Santa Margarita Lake.
  When we left the Pismo beach area the air temp was hovering in the upper 50's, but the lakes air temp was in the upper 80's!  (lose the jacket)
  Not only was the lake hot.............the fishing was hot too!
  The Crappie were eating small white streamers, and light colored nymphs, fished just at the edge of visibility. letting the fly sink just outta sight, we'd make a few short strips, let the fly sink and repeat the process.
  When the bite slowed on that technique, we would switch to allowing the fly to sink near the bottom, then use a stop n' go retrieve.
  Little Corazon(7-years old) caught the largest Redear Perch on Sunday with an Orvis one-weight outfit and a small Black Wooly Worm with a red tail.
  Bass are still spawning. I'm seeing NEW mating pairs in the shallows. Males are 1-2 lbs., and some of the females are running 4-6 lbs. They are in the courting phase where the male has established a nest, and the female is cruising nearby occasionally rubbing up to the male but not commiting to the nest yet.
 One Largemouth I found was in 2-foot of water, a few feet from shore. This bass was in the 7-8 lb. class a quality fish, but after running a black, weighted, five inch rabbit strip streamer pass him a few times he decided he wasn't interested in "playing" so he swam off into deeper water, but stayed in the area.
 The fishing is only gonna get better guyz...........Hawaiianhillbilly
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