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Oct 23rd, 2018, 2:24am
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Fly Tying Expo and Auction (Read 972 times)
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Fly Tying Expo and Auction
Oct 26th, 2006, 1:14pm
Posted for Bob Middo:
2007 FFF Southwest Council Fly Tying Expo and Auction

The FFF Southwest Council is planning to have a fund raising event on February 24th, 2007 at the Long Beach Casting Club to help offset the cost for new signs at Hot Creek.   If you haven’t been there lately, the old regulatory and information signs were in need of repair, and unfortunately more than just simple painting and maintenance was needed.  The Council therefore decided to have new signs made and will be installed before the 2007 season opener.
As you are probably aware of, Hot Creek is our Councils only “blue ribbon” spring creek and a perennial favorite for most.  We therefore felt it was our duty to help preserve its heritage.  
How can you help?  We need tiers!  Our plan is two fold.  One is educational by having fly tiers from all over the Council demonstrate their craft.  The other is of course to help raise funding for the new Hot Creek Signs by conducting a continuous auction of donated flies.  
What do we need?  FLIES and DEMONSTRATORS!   We wish to solicit flies from all tiers, beginner to advanced.  These flies can be anything, from salt water to steelhead and everything in between. Do you have a favorite selection for Hot Creek? The Madison? The Lower Owens in February? Surf Perch? The Green River? Beginners? etc. we’re not picky.  To make things interesting during the auction, we would also like to give a little background (uses, locations, etc.) on your flies as they are auctioned off, so if you would like to donate flies, please put a little note with the flies regarding their use, etc.   All donated flies will be put into boxes by the Council and auctioned off, giving full credit of course to the tier.   Demonstrators.  Anyone interested is more than welcome!  
If you are interested in helping out please contact Naomi Okamoto at: meimei2@earthlink.net   Naomi’s e-mail is spam protected, so make sure you list the FFFSWC fly tying expo in the subject header.  
Thank you in advance.
Bob Middo
President, FFFSWC
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