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Message started by Lew_Riffle on Dec 30th, 2010, 6:53am

Title: You can get your 2011 fishing license here!
Post by Lew_Riffle on Dec 30th, 2010, 6:53am

You can get it imediately after you buy it online by clicking on the tab above and filling out the informatin  using a Visa or Master card and then printing out a temporary to use for 15 days (until the permanent is mailed to you).
Sticking points in the process:
Your CA diver's license has only one letter in it... the first if you have a zero as a second character it is a zero and should not be entered as an "O"but as a "0"..see the difference? should!
You need to be persistent If they say they don't match you it is because you have to establish what they call ."customer identity".  Click the green tab on the right if you are not matched and it will continue you on where you can supply information to remediate this.
When it comes time to print you have to download the temp license and then print it.  That is the tab on the right.  The tab on the left just gives you a recept.  There is no direct button to print your license.  Temp download it first and then print from there. You can save this PDF  file on your computer. You can  print as many temp licenses as you want.


Title: Re: You can get your 2011 fishing license here!
Post by Forum Admin on Dec 31st, 2010, 12:09pm

Good advice and helpful information Lew!

Since the new computerized only license sales go into effect in 2011 you will not find many shops that will have the ability to sell licenses. About the best places to find licenses will be most (not all) big box stores, i.e. Big-5, Sport Chalet, K-Mart, Wall Mart, etc. The only option is buying online as you related. Are you able to buy stamps online? Last year you couldn't. The Ocean Enhancement Stamp is necessary to fish down here.

The only four places in the Santa Barbara area listed as the new Active License Agents (ALDS) are:

Dodge City Shooters Supply
4010 Calle Real
Santa Barbara

Big 5
3935 State St
Santa Barbara 93105

Goleta Valley Gun & Supply
5669 Calle Real
Goleta 93117

Sports Authority
7035 Market Place Drive
Goleta 93117

An Active License Agent will have a computer system set up that will be capable of dispensing all hunting and fishing licenses along with all tags, stamps and drawing entries.

By the way Lew, how was the Colorado River?

Title: Re: You can get your 2011 fishing license here!
Post by Lew_Riffle on Jan 2nd, 2011, 7:40am

The slough was fishing pretty good Joe.  They had a flood a couple months back that Forest said was up to his waste in the parking lot in back of Bayshore! It undermined the the boat ramp and you can't drive down it.  I just launched off the beach and locked my boat to a palm tree. Until they get some concrete pumped under the ramp there is going to be no trailer launching boats.  
The water was  murky in some places  from the recent rains and it was different everyday how the "tide" flooded the channels and cleared it up.  The fish held and fed in different spots and seemed to bite about 1 to 2pm and at just after sunset.  Caught some nice trout along with bass and bluegill. Not alot of fish but enough to keep you working at catching them.  Fish of the trip was a big ole cat that came up after my black woolly bugger that had to be over 10#.  When it decided  to tussle it just  popped my 4x tippet like thread! Amaizing how I could get on the water around 10am and the next thing you know it's after 3pm!
Weather was nice and "shirt sleevey" most of the time.  My room cost all of $30 a day.... can't hate that.  Forest was fishing most everyday and is on top of that scene with his freindly observation.  Bayshore Inn was doing good. The lady that owns it is putting money back into it.  Everything was clean and fresh as best as you could expect.  They were just completing an outside paint job when I was there.

The Antelope Valley was in flood and the Mojave River was brim full and it was all standing water east of Dagget. There were a lot of wet dry lake beds out that way!  

Title: Re: You can get your 2011 fishing license here!
Post by Forum Admin on Jan 2nd, 2011, 9:43am

Sounds like a good time Lew! Any good sized bass? Love those channel cats. I've caught some nice ones there on purple articulated leeches.

Sure wish I could have made it this year. Didn't realize the water got up that high.

Thanks for the report, I guess I will have to get down that way next month.

Title: Re: You can get your 2011 fishing license here!
Post by Lew_Riffle on Jan 3rd, 2011, 7:04am

Most of my bass were 1or 2 pounders.  Forest got into some nice ones down in the marinia the last night when I was packing up. The water was really muddy down there but I guess it flushed out finally on the  boxing day river release. Talk about a ghost town.... there was not a boat in a slip down there and supposedly nothing being stored inside either....completely shut down...ouch!  A  caddy in the garage with no gas!   LEW

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