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Message started by ryan15 on Nov 12th, 2010, 9:18am

Title: I Hit Santa Claus
Post by ryan15 on Nov 12th, 2010, 9:18am

Hit up SCL yesterday from about 3-5:30 PM on a dropping tide. Fished an orange surf grub size six. Hooked 5 landed 4. They were fairly nice sized, about the size of the one shown below with the exception of one who was a size similar to the bug I was using. I was making long casts ~70-80 ft to the breakers but all of the fish caught were within 10-30 ft of my feet.

As an aside, has anyone fished Goleta beach after they dig a canal for the slough to drain. I have walked down there a couple of times last week on my lunch and when the slough is draining on a low tide, it looks really fishy. The hydraulics when its draining make a lot of interesting water that need to be casted into.

The picture doesn't do it justice.


Title: Re: I Hit Santa Claus
Post by dan_m2 on Nov 12th, 2010, 9:57am

Nice report and day on the water.  Been on the beach at Goleta 6 times ion the last two weeks (not fishing) at no time did I wish for a rod in my hand.  The water was really dirty and there is weed everywhere.  Id didn't look fishable.

That beach is awesome after the dredge, the hydraulics you mention produce some VERY active feeding zones if you know how to hit them.  Just waiting for the water to clean up and it should be ON.

Title: Re: I Hit Santa Claus
Post by ryan15 on Nov 15th, 2010, 10:21am

I was out at Goleta yesterday, east of the pier where the slough drains, fishing from about 3:30 to suset. There was a lot of salad in the water at the outlet of the slough. I focused my efforts about 30 yards east of the slough where there is a lot of nice structure and pools that have formed since the dredging. I started off with an attractor pattern, I believe its called Larry's surf grub, essentially it is an orange variegated chenille fly with a flash tail and a red marabou throat, tied with dazzle eyes. I am not sure why I described it in such detail there because it didn't work. I switched to a fire orange clouser minnow, size four, and landed 5 nice BSP, sorry no pics. I found that making long casts out to the breakers was frustrating in that this was the place where the salad from the slough was bunching up. I had to clear my fly every cast. I started casting on a 45 with respect to the beach and waiting until the returning water would start to take the line back out toward the waves and begin my strip. I found that I could cover two or three different depressions and pools with one cast. It was using this technique that I hooked with all of my fish. At one point I had 3 fish on like 6 casts.


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