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Message started by Forum Admin on Apr 27th, 2010, 11:27am

Title: At long last .. The River Why
Post by Forum Admin on Apr 27th, 2010, 11:27am

Scheduled for release later this year the long awaited movie “The River Why” ( will have a special benefit screening. Based on the book of the same name by David James Duncan the story is fly fishing themed. It's release was delayed by a legal dispute over some artistic issues; I, for one, am glad to see that seems to have been worked out.

The special private screening is a fundraiser for Friends of the River and California Trout. It will be sponsored by Patagonia and take place in San Francisco on June 23rd.

Tickets for the movie are $30.00. Tickets for a special pre-event reception with one of the stars, Kathleen Quinlan (, and movie is $100.00. The showing will be at the Lucasfilms' ILM Premier Theater, The Presido of San Francisco.

Will "The River Why" have the same dramatic effect on fly fishing as the movie "A River Runs Through It"? Only time will tell but if it is anything like I imagine after reading the book, it will!

Link to purchase tickets:

Title: Re: At long last .. The River Why
Post by Fishstick on May 9th, 2010, 1:03pm

One of my favorites. Let's hope the movie does the book justice. Given the cast of characters and humor, it should prove to be entertaining.

Title: Re: At long last .. The River Why
Post by ryan15 on Nov 22nd, 2010, 9:35pm

does anyone know why this didn't have a national release?

Title: Re: At long last .. The River Why
Post by Lew_Riffle on Nov 23rd, 2010, 6:53am

Most likely because it sucks! ;D   Calling it like it is I'm affraid.   Move on ....the 80's and 90's will not be back because of this movie. The scheme runs through it..............LEW
The real stuff...........

Title: Re: At long last .. The River Why
Post by Forum Admin on Nov 30th, 2010, 9:41am

The movie has been screening around the country, mostly at film festivals and fundraisers. The last one was at the St. Louis International Film Festival the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I have heard many good things about the movie. It has had good reviews as a movie. The cinematography is usually praised. The only people saying bad things about the movie are the David James Duncan fans. He also sued the filmmakers (after signing away rights to make the movie), furthering the anger of his fans. They (the Duncan fans) claim that the movie is not true to his philosophies. This is a movie, not a book. It's the same old whining that you hear every time someone tries to bring a story like that to the screen. Give me a break! A movie must entertain visually as well as with a story in a reasonably short time, say roughly 90 minutes. You can't make a movie exactly like a book, especially a David James Duncan book.

The cast, the cinematography, the fly fishing, all sound good. I can't wait to see the movie! Plus, any movie with Amber Heard in it is all right with me! ;)

I will post if it's going to be screening around here.

Here's two reviews:

“.. a beautiful film shot in the lush, verdant wilderness of Oregon”
-- Bonnie Steiger, San Francisco

"...the movie version of The River Why is really good. The film captured many of the philosophical underpinnings of the book. The book leaves the natural world to one’s imagination. Whereas the movie brings the wonderful nature of an Oregon river basin alive. My advice would be to read the book and see the movie."
-- Jam-Tex : Music, Culture, and History

Title: Re: At long last .. The River Why
Post by ryan15 on Nov 30th, 2010, 5:27pm

I saw on the website about the small ff releases but I had thought it would have been wider. I wasn't specifically hoping for a huge influx of new anglers, just wanted to see it if possible. I really enjoyed the book although its not my favorite of his, I liked The Brothers K more as I come from a baseball family with brothers so it was a little autobiographical. Judging from experiences on my recent trip home that fly fishing in general is in fact receiving an greater number of younger anglers (sub 30) that are serving to reinvigorate our hobby (or obsession, addiction?), I am just leery of the rockandrollerfication that is shown in some of the videos that I have seen. Rambling now


Title: Re: At long last .. The River Why
Post by Lew_Riffle on Dec 8th, 2010, 6:24am

Yer dreams be dashed Joe...... ;D

Title: Re: At long last .. The River Why
Post by Forum Admin on Dec 8th, 2010, 5:52pm

No Problem Lew, she still looks the same.  :)

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