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Message started by ryan15 on Mar 16th, 2010, 10:58am

Title: Goleta Beach - No Pix
Post by ryan15 on Mar 16th, 2010, 10:58am

Hey all,

In an effort to remove my self from the ranks of new members I am posting a report about my outing to Goleta Beach and the spit on Sunday. I hit Goleta at about noon and fished a orange/white clouser with a trailer of my own creation which is similar to a deceiver but with a mylar tube head and a chartreuse eyes. I landed one BSP on the clouser and missed multiple hits which I think were short strikes on my own creation as the body of the fly I created was quite long and being tied on the gama sc-15's the shank is quite short. Either I'm going to make it a tube fly or put it on a longer shank hook. At the harbor I had no love with the exception of salad. I heard they dredged in the morning. How often do they dredge out there. I thought they had dredged at the end of January. Hope all is well.


Title: Re: Goleta Beach - No Pix
Post by Lew_Riffle on Mar 17th, 2010, 6:37am

So that was you throwing the flies amongst the hoard of conventional fishers!  I took one look and headed up the coast to Elwood to get banged around by the surf.
Kind of tough out there with a little to much swell and to little structure.  The harbor is messed up with the dredging.  This is a special project which unfortunately has little to do with ecology and more to do with boaters and beach goers emotions. The small dredge they are using on the spit can not get the right conformation but will generate the needed yardage to suffice the contract. The city gave up on dredging themselves decades ago because of this as well as a change in economics. What has been forgotten is now being relearned.    At least we are recycling some of what sand is left on the beaches back up the coast to Goleta.  We will have to see about all this but I fear in the future this effort will be viewed as one done in the ignorance of natural processes yet to be recognized or simply ignored for their importance.

I like 34007 Mustad hooks myself.  The sc-15s are of merit and Lee B uses them pretty much exclusively on his patterns I think. You got to keep that tail short especially with walleye perch and the smaller barred perch. I can say that you will never get short bit by a larger's just the little guys taking a big bite! Now the matter of sensing when your fly gets sucked by a larger fish is another thing and a pursuit of a lifetime forged by thousands of casts and retrieves.

Title: Re: Goleta Beach - No Pix
Post by ryan15 on Mar 25th, 2010, 11:28am

figured I would reply to get my 50th comment and become what ever is after new member on my forum status. Lew, the gear fishermen took off pretty quickly. And I had the water mostly to myself. I might head out again this sunday depending on how intrepid I feel. I may go find a river with trout or a lake with bass.


Title: Re: Goleta Beach - No Pix
Post by ryan15 on Mar 25th, 2010, 11:29am

Maybe its 51 posts?

Title: Re: Goleta Beach - No Pix
Post by lingcod on Mar 25th, 2010, 10:14pm


Give me a shout. I am thinking of hitting Sands this weekend.


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