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Message started by Lew_Riffle on Jul 10th, 2009, 7:29am

Title: MLPA Public Open House
Post by Lew_Riffle on Jul 10th, 2009, 7:29am

You missed it!  Does it matter?....not really but the MLPA  staff and the stake holders who were there did a very good job presenting what has been worked up so far as proposals for protected areas.  

There are six arrays of closure plans.   Mainly what looks like is going to happen to us here in our area is that there will be a closed(no fishing area called an Marine Protected Area) at the Golta Point/Devereux/Sands/Ellwood complex. The up coast end in all the proposals is all the way up Elwood Beach to the end of the Elwood Reserve...bummer.   One proposal, Topaz,  has additional closures with a Marine Conservation Area at the Naples Reef Area which will allow catch and release and spearfishing.  What and how this all works out is far from firmed up here and it is a very, very complex process that is going on to select the final proposal.  However what is apparent is that there seems for the first time that influence from user groups is having some sort of effect on what is being worked out.

I urge you to look at all these proposals and file a comment even if it is just stating the fact that you are loosing a surf fishing area that use for catch an release and think it should be retained as that. I talked with some the stakeholders and they seemed receptive to the idea that we could push things around to make a MCA along the beach in the Elwood area. We need to push the idea and benefit that this will foster stewardship of a sustainable quality fishery. In short we need to represent ourselves here since other fishing groups are doing like wise so we will join in and get responded to as a factor in the next stage of third round proposals starting in August.

Go to and select the MLPA tab then the south coast area then "attend meetings". If you go down the list you will see how complex this all is but when you get to public open houses  you can access these proposals  and also have the link for Email comment will will be the easy direct way that your comment will be presented in a package to all the stakeholders. Beyond that  you can directly lobby stakeholders to urge their attention which you can trust I will be  attempting on our behalf. I set that in action last evening at the open house.
Come through and make some comments to                                                                                   LEW

Title: Re: MLPA Public Open House
Post by Forum Admin on Jul 10th, 2009, 10:25am

It seems there is only one more meeting for this region.  :(

The flyer about the meetings:

But it's not too late to voice your opinion!

STEP 1: Get familiar.

View draft SCRSG MPA proposals and revised external MPA proposals for the MLPA South Coast Study Region:

View side-by-side comparison maps:

Lapis 1, Lapis 2, Topaz and Opal (

External A, External B and Proposal 0 (

Some background information:

View MLPA Initiative background materials (

STEP 2: Do something!

If you are not able to attend, you may also provide your feedback by sending a message. Your comments will be most helpful if received no later than July 19, 2009 so that they can be distributed to the SCRSG and BRTF members prior to the start of Round 3.

Use the comment form below and send it via email to (, or mail your comments to:

MLPA Initiative
c/o California Resources Agency
1416 Ninth Street, Suite 1311
Sacramento, CA 95814


doc format (

rtf format (

pdf format (

Remember, as they say at weddings (sort of) "Speak now or you may not get another chance!"

Title: Re: MLPA Public Open House
Post by Lew_Riffle on Jul 11th, 2009, 6:50am

Thanks Joe for getting the job done right.   My skill set is lacking.
Anyhow it is best to respond and comment using one if the forms. There is a 3 levels that they seek you to respond on...General, Individual, and Overall.  Using the forms and addressing your ideas in the perspective of these response categories will help them process your input. To do otherwise you are not talking from the perspective so try at least to understand this perspective.
Get us some respect.  So far they have responded only to consumptive users. I don't know the basis for the lack of respect for catch and release fishing but it must stem from either lack of representation or the fact that we do has no effect and are ignored.  We must address this arrogance.

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