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Message started by 9ft4wt on Jun 22nd, 2009, 1:10pm

Title: Grunion
Post by 9ft4wt on Jun 22nd, 2009, 1:10pm

I saw where there could be a grunion run the week I am going to be out there. If i remember correctly predictions of grunion runs at any particular beach are pretty spotty or maybe they have gotten better since i was a kid.

But I am thinking that grunion in the surf could lead to some pretty good fishing. Is that the case? Can you fish the surf at night?


Title: Re: Grunion
Post by Forum Admin on Jun 23rd, 2009, 2:49pm

I don't, but as far as I know you can fish at night. The Grunion may attract larger fish into the surf zone; at night this could be a lot of sharks.

Title: Re: Grunion
Post by 9ft4wt on Jun 23rd, 2009, 6:55pm

Lots of sharks? leopards, guitars, or bigger  toothier, you don't want to tangle with them with an 8wt stuff/


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