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Message started by jburk on Mar 24th, 2009, 4:25pm

Title: Central Oregon fishing
Post by jburk on Mar 24th, 2009, 4:25pm

I am headed up to SunRiver Oregon just south of Bend in early July for a week.  I have never been up there and am seeking advice about river fishing the area.  I prefer smaller streams but am open to suggestions.  Your thoughts? Guide recommendations??

Title: Re: Central Oregon fishing
Post by ryan15 on Mar 25th, 2009, 10:00am

I love that area, especially Bend. The angling opportunities are pretty good. There are three main rivers that I recall right in that area. The Deshutes, Crooked, and the Metolius. It has been about four years since I have been there so the details are a little foggy but the way I remember it is the Deshutes runs through the town Bend all the way to the Columbia. I fished it near the town of Redmond, which is about 20 min. outside of Bend. The fish are smallish in this stretch 8-16".  As you get closer to the Columbia it becomes a salmon stream, this stretch has one of the better steelhead runs around. The Crooked is a tailwater that flows murky, but don't let this fool you, its always cloudy and even though it looks blown out, there are still tons of fish. I think this river has a ridiculously high fish/mile number. The fish are bigger than the Deshutes (at least the section near Redmond) and there are more of them. From what I remember the Crooked is about an hour outside of Bend. The Metolius is a river I know very little about. From what I have heard it is has a lower fish/mile count but the fish are huge and worth the lower numbers. It my recollection serves me I want to say the Metolius is a spring creek type fishery but don't quote me. Finally, there are a number of lakes in the area, Prineville Reservoir is right there and I believe has very large Kokanee. OK not finally but if you are up there in May/June and are willing to drive a little bit, the American Shad run will be near full swing on the Columbia. This is hilarity at its best, 30 fish days and sore arms are common. You can fish form the bank, the best spot I have found is just below the John Day Dam on the Washington side of the river.  

Hope this helps

PS- If you get a chance to go to Bend, the Deshutes Brewery is right there and in my opinion creates some of the best beer in America. Big fan of Mirror Pond but the Black Butte Porter is also excellent. Did I say I love this area? ;)

Title: Re: Central Oregon fishing
Post by Forum Admin on Mar 25th, 2009, 5:57pm

John, looks like you have some excellent information from Ryan.

A few years back we had a speaker that guides in that area. He was a very nice and knowledgeable guy. I will see if I can find the old newsletter that had his information. Does anyone else remember him?

Ryan, Mirror Pond and Black Butte Porter ....  :) :) :)

Title: Re: Central Oregon fishing
Post by jburk on Mar 25th, 2009, 11:27pm


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