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Message started by Lew_Riffle on Jan 24th, 2008, 8:22am

Title: Quagga  is at the door..our world will change
Post by Lew_Riffle on Jan 24th, 2008, 8:22am

Heads up folks.....Quagga Mussels are now in 7 southern California lakes that are hooked up to Colorado Water. With great hope of stopping both the Quagga and Zebra mussels at the 100th Meriridian last year we are accelerated to this situation....we have three import sources for water into SoCal two are now infected. The state water system to the north has Zebras in San Justo which is a part of the San Luis and as mentioned the Colorado with Quaggas. This leaves the LA aquaduct/owens Valley as the last one which has no infections recored as yet.  These mussels will have environmental as well as infastructural effects. Water districts will have to deal with these mussels fouling valves and ducts and is the main reason for concern and response on their part. Casitas Water Board is considering closing Lake Casitas to outside boats on Feb. 13th.  Others like Cacchuma and Piru will most likely fall in step. My concern is that this will not stop and with a little imagination can see some drastic measures taken in everywhere with respect to fishing access to lakes and rivers because of the possible infection vector from fishing gear that is not clean and dry from some source that has these mussels.  How about Crowley all locked up with only local boats allowed on it through the gate. I fear like others that we don't know the full extent of these infections. For now I can not emphasize the importance of making sure your gear is clean and dry of mud and debris before you go to another place to fish. If you don't have time to dry it find a place away from other bodies of water and hose off  and clean your gear really well before going somewhere else to fish. Pull the drain plug on your boat if you are using one and get the water out of the bilge before you pull off the ramp...leave the plug out until you are ready to launch next time.  Google Quagga  and get yourself informed.      LEW

Title: Re: Quagga  is at the door..our world will change
Post by Forum Admin on Jan 25th, 2008, 5:16pm


Zebra and even Quagga mussels are very common in the Northeast, Great Lakes and Mississippi drainage. What do they do to cope with them? They've been dealing with them for a lot longer in Europe, what do they do to cope?

PS: For those that don't "Google":

CLICK HERE ( for more information.

Title: Re: Quagga  is at the door..our world will change
Post by Lew_Riffle on Jan 26th, 2008, 6:25am

The water utilities in the northeast have spent billions coping with the Dreissena invasion since the late 80's.  There is some hope that a Psuedomonas bacterium has some specific toxcity to these mussels and a patent has been taken out for such. Also calcium levels must be above 8mg/l for these mussels to survive which excludes most of the Serria waters and the northern end of the state with the exclusion of the Eel River.   We are smack dab in the middle of favorable calcium levels.       LEW

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