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Title: New Zealand mud snail - new DFG report
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This is the summary from a new report on the NZMS from the DFG:


Robert C. Hosea and Brian Finlayson
California Department of Fish and Game
Pesticide Investigations Unit
1701 Nimbus Road, Suite F
Rancho Cordova, California 95670


New Zealand mud snails were first reported in Europe during the 1800s and in North America (Idaho) in 1987. Mud snails quickly colonize habitable waters, and they were first discovered in the Owens River in Eastern California in late 1999 and have since spread to the Mokelumne, Calaveras, and Napa rivers, as well as Rush, Hot and Putah creeks. This invasive species will likely have impacts on native species, fisheries, and aquatic ecosystems of the Sacramento-San Joaquin watershed. Unintentional transport on fishing gear and equipment, notably wading gear, is likely one of the primary vectors spreading mud snails among water bodies. In this study, a phased approach identified several chemicals and cleaning methods that could easily be used in the field, and were efficacious in removing snails from wading gear with minimal corrosiveness to the gear.

New Zealand mud snails were exposed in laboratory tests to solutions of benzethonium chloride, chlorine bleach, Formula 409® Disinfectant, Pine-Sol®, ammonia, grapefruit seed extract, isopropyl alcohol, potassium permanganate, and copper sulfate. With the exception of grapefruit seed extract, potassium permanganate and isopropyl alcohol, these materials all killed mud snails within five minutes. Wading gear was repeatedly exposed to bleach, copper sulfate, Pine-Sol®, benzethonium chloride, and Formula 409® Disinfectant for prolonged periods. Bleach and Pine-Sol®, at concentrations efficacious in killing snails, did structural damage to the wading gear. Solutions of copper sulfate (252 mg/L Cu), 1,940 mg/L benzethonium chloride, and 50% Formula 409® Disinfectant killed New Zealand mud snails within five minutes and had minimal effects on wading gear integrity. Wading gear was completely submersed or put in a dry-sack with the cleaning solutions and shaken in field trials, and copper sulfate solution was sprayed on fishing gear in a separate trial. Copper sulfate (252 mg/L Cu), benzethonium chloride (1,940 mg/L) and Formula 409® Disinfectant (50% dilution) solutions under field conditions can prevent the spread of New Zealand mud snails on wading gear.

Here is a pdf of the complete report:

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