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Message started by wmantooth on Mar 2nd, 2006, 2:21pm

Title: Santa Ynez Thurs 03-02-06
Post by wmantooth on Mar 2nd, 2006, 2:21pm

Santa Ynez scoop Thurs March 2, 2006

Although I did not fish today I went to the river intending to fish. I found it running very high and murky. The Road is closed at Los Prietos due to high water flows. So I popped into the ranger station to see what’s what. They got four inches of rain over the weekend. And there is a log jam in one of the spillways at Gibraltar dam. The Ranger said that the road would remain closed until these expected rains and the Gibraltar Dam situation is fixed. ???? when that will be.
The river was stocked. But I left before I was clear on rather or not the truck was allowed across the river at Los Prietos and stocked up stream. I have a feeling once again no fish were let loose past Los Prietos.


Title: Re: Santa Ynez Thurs 03-02-06
Post by hooks on Mar 2nd, 2006, 4:47pm

To me that says it might be "overstocked" at Sage, Manzanita and all points west of LP!?!  Time to go fishin'!I called a number for plants Shin gave me at Hook,Line & Sinker today, but couldn't understand the person recording very well; she just read off about 50 names in different counties.  Did that mean they were all stocked?  And when?  Dunno.
I got bumped a number of times in the larger pools when I went last Tuesday 2/21 to the Santa Ynez, mostly on green sculpin patterns and green wooly buggers, about sise 10's or 12's.  They never hit small green scud or black stonefly type patterns I tried. At the second x'g below the "falls" there were a number of lively ones that bit my yellow stone fly attractor pattern in sizes up to 10.  Once I figure out how to download some of the photos I took before releasing, I'll get those on here.

Title: Re: Santa Ynez Thurs 03-02-06
Post by Forum Admin on Mar 2nd, 2006, 5:17pm

Jean, thanks for the report.

Didn't know anyone actually used a telephone to get stocking reports anymore.  ::)  I thought telephones were now only used to keep ears warm while driving a car. ;)

If you want stocking reports for this region, just click HERE (

It's a lot easier!  :)

Title: Re: Santa Ynez Thurs 03-02-06
Post by joedaddy on Mar 2nd, 2006, 6:09pm

Jean, thanks for the report. Good to hear they are hitting surface and subsurface offerings. I'm taking our friend Bruce up to fish this weekend. He wants to try flyfishing. Tugging buggers will be easier for him than trying to dead drift an indicator or getting a good cast and drift with a dry fly. Still trying to get a hang of using this forum. I made a posting to you under a different topic. . . not sure if you saw it?

Title: Re: Santa Ynez Thurs 03-02-06
Post by sbflyfisher on Mar 3rd, 2006, 6:25am

I went up to the SY yesterday as well and I fished below the Ranger Station.  The water was soupy to say the least.  I got one bump on a black bugger and that was it.  I threw several sizes of PN's and Copper Johns w/ no action.  

Several off duty firemen showed up and were chucking small silver spinners from the road and did quite well.  

Title: Re: Santa Ynez Thurs 03-02-06
Post by hooks on Mar 9th, 2006, 6:08pm

Reviewing my old photo album from my Hook, Line & Sinker days, I came across a shot of Marty Salas with a 3#, 18" trout somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd crossing.  He caught it on the swing with a Mepps - I think it was his first trout!!!  This posting of the firemen nailing them on metal made me think of that.  What a beauty it was (yeah, the fish, too!), and I got sooo excited - of course, Marty had no idea what an unusual phenomenon he had just bagged.
But he was a great fisherman - and that day proved it to me once again; some people just have the touch.
He is now with the fish gods, bless his soul.

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