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Message started by cloepkey on Feb 18th, 2006, 8:09am

Title: Owens River
Post by cloepkey on Feb 18th, 2006, 8:09am

Wednesday, February 15th; leave SB at 2:40 AM.  Arrive at the Owens River, wild trout, catch and release area at 8:15.  In the stream at 8:30.  Cold, about 38 degrees.

Nymphing with a phesant tail and a zebra midge.  Six trout caught and released by 10:00 AM.  A beer and snack and change of location, rods and lines to dry flies.

Nothing at first; then, some ation in the hole below the surface.  Switched from a BWO to a #16 caddis with a zebra dropper.  No joy.  Then a take on the caddis.  Suddenly, the hole became frantic with trout jump everywhere.  BWO's all over the surface.  The wind was picking up and I was chilled.

The next hit was by a larger fish and I broke off at the set.   The Bwo's were about size 18.  I tried tying a # 18 on my tippet and found that freezing fingers, strong winds and pulsey made the task impossible.  I switched to a # 16 and got lucky.  Caught about a dozen fish in the hour before the hatch ended.  All browns in the 10 to 13 inch range.  Left the stream tired before 3PM.

Tried the Elms Motel as listed in the January 06 Newsletter.  It wasa small room, clean, with a shower, and TV.  There was a coffe setup which I did not use.  OK, but sparten.

The temperature dropped to 17 degrees by morning.  I discovered that Carl's Jr serves a great cup of coffee furnished by Channel Islands.  Coffee was my breakfast at 6:30.  

Back on the stream st 8:30.  One fish on nymphs by 10 AM.  I took a break and roamed the river on foot.  No action until noon.  The beatis were on time again and the river became an exciting venue fo people like us.  I had a lot of trouble getting a take in this other section of the stream and only caught 3 fish.  The weather was mild, cold but lower winds as compared to yesterday; the mountains were snowcoverd and beautiful.  

It was a great solo trip for me in a river I call home water.

Title: Re: Owens River
Post by Forum Admin on Feb 18th, 2006, 8:37am

Thanks for the report cloepkey.

Did you fish the wild trout section both days? Chalk Bluffs? Did you try Five Bridges or any areas below there?

Also appreciate the report on the motel.

Title: Re: Owens River
Post by cloepkey on Feb 18th, 2006, 11:23am

Joe, I fished the wild trout area only.  

I would have fished the gorge below the lower power plant on Thurs, but,  there was some work going on by the power plant that closed that section of the stream.


Title: Re: Owens River
Post by joedaddy on Feb 21st, 2006, 5:25pm

I too just got back from fishing the lower "O" I fished the 5 briges area Saturday and half day Sunday. The BWO hatch was very weak, but we did good fishing the "bobber" with 20 fish between the two of us on Saturday. We used FBPTs and zebras. Sunday was a lot colder and the fish were less willing. We olny had ten fish by about 1:00 PM when we decided to check out the wild trout section (WTS). We fished about 1/2 a mile below the bridge and there was a very strong BWO hatch that came off. Of cource, I left my dry box in the truck by mistake and had to use a size 20 loopwing that I had in my nymph box. I had a couple of misses, a couple of refusals and I did manage to land one nice 12 incher. The conditions were awesome in the WTS and there were pods of fish rising with abandone.

Title: Re: Owens River
Post by cloepkey on Feb 22nd, 2006, 3:40am

Sounds like you had a fun trip, Joe.  What is a "bobber"?  

One of the guys who was fishing the WTA with me last week had good success using Adams Parachutes during the BWO hatch, size 16.  

I notice that the Owens current flow is down to 99 CFS.  If the weather warms up and the flows remain below 200, I'd like to do another 2 day trip.  You interested?

Title: Re: Owens River
Post by joedaddy on Feb 22nd, 2006, 8:18pm

It's a strike indicator. I'd love to go again but I've got a few trips coming up. . . so many fish(ing trips) and so little time. Dam work keeps getting in the way!

I think that matching the size and profile of the emerging bugs is what is important. As strong as the hatch was when I was there, the bug I had on was too small. Th BWOs that were coming off looked to be 16s or even 14s. That may be why your buddy did well (that and good presentations!) I won't forget my dry box again! Look forward to reading your post if you go again.

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