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wpe3.gif (3886 bytes)  Board of Directors & Committee Members

Lew Riffle President  
Jean Sedar Past President  
John Riparetti Recording Secretary  
Otto Scheich Treasurer  
Lew Riffle Conservation  
Don Green Corresponding Secretary  
Don Green Membership  
Diane Honaker Programs  
*** Position Open *** Raffles  
Frank Surber Facilities  
Otto Scheich Outings  
Terry Fernandez Youth  
Don Green Fly Tying  
Lou Ternullo Historian  
*** Position Open *** Refreshments  
Mike Clevenger Awards  
*** Position Open *** Annual Fund Raiser  
John Burk Newsletter Editor  
Joseph Narkevitz Healing Waters  
Joe Margiotta Web Site

If you are interested in filling one of the *** Position Open *** spots, please contact any of the Board Members

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